Captivating and entertaining young people from around the world who are excited to connect, chat, and have fun with you.

Someone like you who Hosts are excited to meet, chat, and share fun and amazing activities with.

Guests who have decided to be more active and take their connection to the next level by rewarding hosts with Morgis.

Silver, Gold, or Diamond, your status reflects your engagement and gives you a discount on Morgis purchases.

A Host you have an open connection to, our currency icon will be next to their name if you are sending them monthly Morgis.

Hosts who have paused your conversation until they receive at least some Morgis from you.

A Host’s current objective in life and the dream they hope to realize with your help!

A wish you make which Morgi Hosts will help you fulfill, they will even reach out to you about it!.

Your passions, interests, and subjects you are looking forward to discussing with Hosts.

Activities you or Hosts are excited to offer, looking to enjoy, or eager to try on and off Morgi.

This is where you can scroll through Host profiles to find the perfect connection.

The virtual currency that you can use to deepen your connection and reward Hosts for the fun you are having together.

Where you and Hosts connect, chat, and share; this is where the fun begins!

Photos or videos sent by Hosts that are hidden until you pay to see them.

These fun, cute, or spicy animated GIFts can be sent to a Host with a specified amount of Morgis.

Personal objectives set by Hosts so that you can help crowdfund their dreams.

A real-time thermostat for amazing interactions and connections in Morgi. When the M is completely full, the logo will explode!

Hosts that you have caught your eye which you saved to reach out and connect to later.

To start a connection, click “connect now” on the profile of a Host that interests you and send them a message. Hosts will also approach you based on the wish you chose to put in the “My Wish” feature (read more on that below).

There is no limit to the number of amazing new Hosts you can connect with on Morgi, though you can always invite awesome people you know to join as a Host and deepen your connection through Morgi.

Once a connection has been opened (by you or the Host) you can chat with the Host via their dedicated private Chat Channel. Here you can send messages, pictures, videos, and Morgis. Let the fun begin!

Be charming, respectful, and direct; tell them what you hope to find and what you’d like to talk about.

A personal message that shows you actually read the Hosts’ profile is always ideal, but we have some pre-prepared messages you can send as well.

Have fun!

Hosts are ready to share their time, attention, personality, and passions with you.

We are here to help our Friends and Hosts have amazing conversations and life-changing connections. You can discuss any topics you like, find fun activities to do together, and exchange exciting pictures and videos.

It is up to you and your Host to decide the paths and forms the connection takes. Have fun!

There are several ways to show your enthusiasm and send some love their way with our virtual currency: Morgis:

-Reward them in-chat with tips or animated gifts to liven the conversation,

-Pay to unlock extra special hidden content they decide to share,

-Offer Monthly recurring Morgis that can truly make a difference in their lives

-Discuss and make plans for activities you wish to invite them to or be invited to!

-Pledge toward the crowdfunded Goals they define (anything from new shoes to hot shows)

We always suggest talking to the Host and telling them what made you uncomfortable. After all, friendships work best when you communicate.

If talking doesn’t work or if you are concerned about something specific they sent, you can report the message by clicking and holding it for 2 seconds, then clicking on ‘report message’.

Finally, if a problem persists, you can block a Host by clicking ‘block Host’ at the bottom of their profile. Be careful, however, as this cannot be undone.

If you wish to block a Host for any reason, click their profile and follow the instructions there under “Block Host”. Once you block a Host, your conversation will be closed immediately, and you won’t be able to connect with them anymore.

In case you wish to end a connection with a Host you are currently sending Monthly Morgis, please note that you will not be refunded for any prior payments, though they will automatically be terminated at the next payment period.

A Host can decide to pause a connection if they feel you are not holding up your end. When this happens, you will receive a notification and a message in your chat channel which will be blocked until you send them some Morgis.

Your connection with them will appear under the ‘Paused’ list in your message center, and a “pause” icon will hover over their profile image.

The heart of the action in Morgi, where you chat, share and spend time with Hosts!

As a Guest, you cannot send any, but once you become a Friend you can send as many photos and videos as you want in chat.

Once you have bought or sent Morgis and are thus a Friend, you can use the small attachment (paperclip) icon in the bottom left of the chat to send pictures and videos.

You will receive notifications regarding Morgis, bonuses, and purchases through the bell icon on the right side of the header to make make sure you stay up-to-date and can find all the information you need to have a great time in Morgi.

Messages sent to you by Hosts will appear in a red bubble, with the number of messages in it, at the top of the chat icon - near the bell icon in your header. If you have unread messages for over 24 hours, Morgi will send them all together to you in an email to keep you informed

Should you opt to send recurring Monthly Morgis to a Host, each time we try (whether we succeed or fail) to charge your credit card, an email from CCbill will be sent to you to let you know if the transaction has been processed or failed.

You will also receive an email summary of any unread messages waiting for your attention at the end of the day to make sure you don't miss an amazing opportunity!

To make sure that you don't miss the latest messages from amazing Hosts, you can install the Telegram Notifications Bot which will notify you via Telegram instead (and hence a push notification if you have that enabled for the chat in Telegram). At the end of each day, it will send you a summary with the number of unread messages waiting for your attention in Morgi.

To connect to the bot, first download Telegram, create and verify your account, and turn on Telegram notifications. Then, go to Morgi and click on ‘Telegram Notifications Bot’ in the main menu and follow the instructions there.

The chat is the heart of the Morgi Connection. The perfect place for you and your host to have fun, though we expect everyone to keep it fun by being respectful and attentive!

If necessary, you can report messages and/or block a Host at any time if you feel uncomfortable. Keeping all your conversations in Morgi, and following our discussion policy is a great way to ensure ideal, comfortable, and amazing connections!

You will be prompted to read our discussion policy when you open any chat channel and it is your responsibility to follow it.

Unfortunately for security and safety reasons, you will be unable to send most URL links in chat, with some exceptions.

If you try to send an unauthorized external link in a message, you will receive a prompt telling you it is not possible, and have to remove it to send the message.

No. Asking for, and sending phone numbers is against our terms and policies (see below). You will be unable to send one in chat.

The use of some words, terms, and product names in the chat is against Morgi’s terms and services, if you try to use one it will be flagged and you will have to change it to send the message.

If you believe a word has been flagged incorrectly, feel free to write to our customer support (see below).

Here you can cycle through Hosts and see new faces, who is most popular, and who we think will be a great match for you!

Click on the face or name of any Host that interests you to visit their profile and learn more about who they are, the experiences they are looking for, and the topics they would love to discuss with you.

There you can also find their video, check out their pictures, read what they have to say about their lives and dreams, and start planning all the fun you’ll have together.

Using the filtering option under the main Host Feed, you can search for Hosts based on one or more Favorite Chat Topics. Click on a topic to filter by it – or click the filter icon on the right of the Feed to choose another filter such as by country.

After all, we want to help you find the perfect partner for conversation or an exciting guest for your next event!

When viewing a Host’s profile, you can choose to click on “save Host profile” if it catches your eye so that you can find and view it later if you are not yet ready to open a connection right now.

Save every Host you feel like you could have a fun connection with - you never know if you’ll see them in the Feed again!

Yes, and please do! On the Host’s profile, there will be a link to send out an invitation with their details. Can be a great way to show your love and expand the Morgi community.

Absolutely, if you think you know someone who would be a fun Host or simply wish to deepen your connection to someone not yet on Morgi, feel free to send them an Invitation!

If they join through the link you send them you’ll automatically be connected and can start sharing and chatting right away.

A guide to the features on your home page, here to help you make the most of your Morgi opportunity.

Use this option on the main menu to browse for Hosts by country. After applying the filter, only Hosts from the country you chose will be displayed on your Feed.

Find new Hosts near you, perfect for finding someone you will have tons in common with and be able to invite to events nearby, or for meeting someone from the other side of the globe!

To encourage you to give and show our appreciation for valued members like you, you will be rewarded with free Morgis that you can use to show some love to Hosts on the 1st, 3rd, 6th, and every 10th or more time you decide to send monthly Morgis! Let’s keep the love flowing!

This option, which you choose when you create your profile and can edit in your profile, allows you to add a special wish to your profile, such as “I wish to travel the world” or “I wish to Party like there is no Tomorrow” which Hosts can see and search through.

Hosts will reach out if they think they can help make your wish come true, it is an amazing way to make new connections.

Hosts are here to have fun, but also to earn Morgis, our virtual currency they can redeem for money!

While connections are free in Morgi, you have the opportunity to deepen and accelerate them with Morgis. After all, the foundation of every meaningful connection is keeping both sides happy.

Hosts are amazing young people ready to put in the time and effort to be there for you and spend time together; they expect to be paid for their time and efforts.

You can buy packs of Morgis with a credit card, which you can then distribute as tips, use to unlock content, or pledge towards gifts as you see fit (the bigger package you buy, the less you pay for each Morgi!).

Alternatively, you can use your Credit Card to send an amount of Morgis you choose every month to a specific Host, this is what we call Monthly Morgis Support.

The first time you do either, you will stop being a Guest and move up to being a full Friend with unlimited access to all Morgi’s features.

The higher your Friend Status in Morgi (Silver, Gold, Diamon) the cheaper it becomes to buy new packages of Morgis or send Monthly Morgis to your favorite Hosts.

Gold Status Friends enjoy a discount of XX%.

Diamond Status Friends enjoy a discount of XX%

Your status increases as you purchase more Morgis, your current Status and progress towards the next can be seen in the top left of your interface.

Monthly Morgis can be a great way to show how much a Host matters to you! You can start sending them from their profile, or from your chat with them, to deepen the connection.

You choose a monthly amount to send. They will immediately receive these Morgis and will receive the same amount again each month until you cancel or change it. For example, f your first payment is on the 15th of February, the next payment will be sent to that Host again on the 15th of March.

Morgi will transfer your Morgis to a Host on the same date every month starting on your initial payment date, e.g., if this is 02/15/2023, the next will be on 03/15/2023 for that Host. If you sent it to a Host at the very end of the month, the following may happen:

-If the charge was processed on the 31st of the month, you will be billed on the last day of each month (28th/29th/30th/31st).

-If the charge was processed on the 29th or 30th of the month, you will be billed on the 29th or 30th of each month except February 28th/29th according to the year.

You can view all your active Monthly Morgis in the main menu, under ‘payments’: the full list of active Hosts you are currently sending them to, the next expected date for each one, as well as the total amount of Morgis you are sending every month.

Yes, absolutely. You can increase, decrease, cancel, or change the Morgis you are sending each month at any time. You can do so by clicking the Host’s profile and following the instructions and links that will be presented to you there.

Before you cancel your Monthly Morgis, consider reducing the amount or discussing the change with your Host. If you do choose to cancel (or change), however, the Host will be informed at the next Monthly transfer date.

If you cancel, you also have the option to resume sending them Morgis by clicking ‘Resume Monthly Morgis’ on their profile.

Yes. In Morgi, there are initial limitations on the amount of Morgis and Monthly Morgis you can purchase/send over a given period. If you have any questions, or if you want to change your permissions, please contact our customer support.

Once you send Morgis to a Host whose company you have been enjoying, the Morgis will appear in their account after we deduct billing costs and our modest fees. Hosts can connect their account to a known payment method and withdraw the Morgis as money once it has reached 50 USD.

Yes, on your profile (which you can see by clicking on your picture) Hosts can see how much support you have given them specifically, and whether you have given any before. Generous Friends like you may thus be more likely to earn the enthusiasm and excitement of new Hosts!

Unique to Morgi, Goals are a way for you to help buy Hosts’s awesome new stuff, earn their gratitude, start a connection off with a bang, and watch their wishes come true!

Anything a Host has ever dreamed of receiving. From a hot new outfit to a plane trip around the world, anything is possible with a little help from wonderful Friends like you!

The specific goal is theirs to imagine and describe, but when they launch it they can choose from three different types based on the expense and how long they want to fundraise for it.

Snap Goals are for relatively small sums to gather within a week, Special Goals for things that need a larger investment and up to a month to fund, and Grande Goals for truly life-changing aspirations that can take up to three months.

There is a whole separate feed displaying all currently open Goals, called the Goal Feed, under the main menu or next to the Morgi Logo. This is a great place to find exciting new Hosts whose objectives line up with your own, or whose Goals catch your imagination or attention!

You can also see the specific Goal of any Host by visiting their profile, so be sure to check out the Goals of your favorite Hosts regularly.

You can back a Goal by pledging Morgis towards its completion. Go to the specific Goal page and choose the sum of Morgis you want to add.

Once the objective is realized, the Host receives the funds. If they fail to reach 75% or cancel the Goal, the Morgis return to your balance.

Don’t forget you can also support a Host’s Goal by sharing it! Tell your friends about it, post it on social media, etc.

Yes! Morgi automatically opens a chat channel between you and the Host whose Goal you backed. This makes pledging towards a Goal an excellent way to introduce yourself to a Host you want to have a great time with.

Not immediately. When you fund a Goal, your Morgis will be put in escrow first, and only once a Goal reaches 75% or more of the objective will the money will be transferred to the Host.

In case a Goal does not reach 75% and its end time has arrived, your Morgis will be refunded back to your Morgi balance, ready for you to spend again!

While we trust our Hosts, we also verify. Once a goal has been funded, the Host has to send you and our team proof (a picture or receipt, etc) that the goal was achieved before they can open another goal of any kind.

Your Identity and information on Morgi.

Much of your profile is made when you first sign up, but if your situation changes or you wish to modify anything you can do so from the Navigation Menu, by selecting 'Edit Your Profile' under the ‘Account’ tab.

When you join you will receive a default picture, but you can easily change it later.

At first, your picture will only be your initials on a color background, but you should add one. It will help create closeness and draw more attention from Hosts looking to get to know you and make genuine connections!

You can also use the Swappable Carousel, which can be enabled in the “edit your profile” section, which offers a different view of the amazing hosts waiting to connect.

You can change your password from the main menu, by selecting ‘Change your password’ under the ‘Account’ tab.

If you are certain you wish to do so, you can delete your account on the side menu, by clicking account then delete account. Please note that deleting an account cannot be undone.

Once you delete your account, all your connections, regardless of whether they include Monthly Morgis or not, will be deleted. Also, any Morgis left in your balance will not be refunded.

Where to find legal information and how to contact the team

We are here to make sure your Morgi experience is amazing, if anything is amiss, please get in touch! You can reach out to the Morgi customer support team through the main menu, by clicking ‘Customer Support’, or by sending an email directly to ‘support@morgi.org’.