Community Guidelines

1. Introduction

Pythia Grant Ltd. ("Company", "us", "we", or "Morgis") seeks to create a safe and meaningful environment whereby people can help each other to achieve their donation targets, with the ultimate goal of making the world a better place. We published these community guidelines ("Guidelines") to guide you on how to help us in achieving that goal. By using or interacting with the website ("Website"), you agree to these Guidelines. We are strongly committed to these Guidelines, and we hope that you will do the same. These Guidelines apply in parallel to our Terms of Services. Any violation of these Guidelines may result in restrictions on your access to our Website, such as the deletion of content you uploaded (such as fundraising campaigns) or the termination of your account.

2. Respect others' intellectual property rights

Please make sure to only upload content that you are authorized to share. Do not post on our Website any content that you do not have the right to share or that you suspect may infringe others' intellectual property rights. If you suspect that content posted by someone else on our Website infringes your intellectual property rights, we encourage you to try communicating with that person, asking him or her to take it down. If that does not work, you can contact us through the contact information available below or file a copyright report, following the instructions provided in our Terms of Services.

3. Respect others' beliefs and convictions

To foster a positive and supportive environment, we may remove any content that shames or degrades other users or their idea, beliefs, or convictions. We encourage you to be patient with respect to the fundraising goals of other users, even if you do not agree with them. That said, if you think that you saw a user who seeks to raise funds in a way that may violate these Guidelines or our Terms of Services, please contact us through the contact details available below.

4. Foster a trustworthy environment

When attempting to raise funds through our Website, please be clear and honest on you are going to use the raised funds. To avoid misunderstandings, we encourage you to clearly state that: (i) how the funds will be used; (ii) who will use the funds; and (iii) why the funds are needed. If you think that users are using their raised funds for a cause other than the one stated in their fundraising campaigns or profiles, please contact us through the available chat option and we will investigate that issue.

5. Foster a meaningful environment

Morgis is not the place to support and finance terrorism, crime, rebels, political campaigns, unapproved or illegal medicines and drugs, or any other unethical, illegal, or inappropriate causes. To maintain a safe and meaningful environment, we will remove any fundraising page that attempts to raise funds for such causes. A non-exhaustive list of such prohibited fundraising causes is available on our Terms of Services. As always, if you are not sure whether your fundraising cause is in line with our Guidelines and Terms of Services, please contact us through the contact details available below. If you think that you saw a user that seeks to raise funds for such an unethical, illegal, or otherwise inappropriate cause, please contact us through the contact details available below and we will investigate that issue.

6. Help us to maintain a safe environment

Each of us has an important role in making Morgis a safe, supportive, and meaningful environment, where people can support each other. We encourage you to commit to these Guidelines and help us to identify users violating these Guidelines, by reporting on such violations through the contact details available below. If you have any question or seek to report on any violation, please contact us via the available chat option.